The Novec/Hydro-Advisor consortium selected for the khettara rehabilitation project – 21/01/2023

The joint Novec/Hydro-Advisor consortium was selected to carry out a mission relating to the diagnosis of the current situation of the khettaras in Morocco.

“The works of khettaras in Morocco have a very long history, they represent a social, ecological and economic heritage. The current situation is very dramatic because of the effects of drought and degradation. If this situation continues, the disappearance of khettaras will be inevitable. The scarcity of water is the major problem, the upgrading of khettaras will allow the restoration of abandoned or degraded works, as well as the protection of agriculture in the oases of Morocco”, explains the Directorate of Irrigation and Development of Agricultural Space, under the Ministry of Agriculture, in the call for tenders for this project.

Faced with the urgency and scale of the problem, it has become essential to implement actions to preserve the khettaras from Morocco. Their rehabilitation will:

– meet the needs of oasis populations in irrigation water;

– revitalize economic activity linked to khettaras in order to fight against poverty (around 300,000 people benefit from this water mobilization system);

– protect the oasis heritage and reduce the exodus of oasis families.

In this context, the selected consortium will be responsible for drawing up an inventory. The licensee shall identify and inspect all khettaras of Morocco without exception (in service and discontinued). Topographical, geotechnical, hydrological and hydro-geological research will also have to be carried out. On the basis of these investigations, the consortium must prepare the detailed preliminary design (APD).

The deadline for this assignment is sixteen months for a retained budget of 8.13 million dirhams.

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